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3. Year [2008/2009]

Welcome to the official website of the Frankfurt Templeton Lectures!

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University is a 2005 winner of the Templeton Research Lectures on the Constructive Engagement of Science and Religion and as such is the first European University ever to have received the award. Previous Templeton winners include: Columbia University, Stanford University, The University of Arizona, The University of Southern California and the University of California at Los Angeles. The primary aim of the Templeton Research Lectures is to promote the constructive engagement and original research between the physical, biological and human sciences and those modes of inquiry and understanding that characterize theology, religious studies and philosophy.

In a fourth year we have the unique opportunity to assemble these perspectives as basic features for a modern anthropology in order to reply to the question “What is the human person?” in a comprehensive way under modern conditions of understanding, rather than in a reductionist fashion as has been done in some debates amongst leading natural scientists.
This means that, next to the invaluable insights that modern natural sciences provide and which must be taken into account, other essential characteristics of the human person must also be incorporated in such a conception.
A modern anthropology therefore must encompass both scientific results and religious perspectives – at least as possible aspects of humanity. We are glad to announce that we were able to get our favoured interdisciplinary, intercultural and internationally renowned scholars for the fourth year of the Frankfurt Templeton Research Lectures: Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Guenter Rager and Prof. Dr. Michael von Brueck.

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Günter Rager Prof. Dr. Michael von Brück

Perspectives for an interdisciplinary, modern anthropology

So far we have planned six main lectures with both fellows:

Nov. 09th 2009: Consciousness, I and the Self
Nov. 10th 2009: Knowledge and Truth
Nov. 16th 2009: Evolution
Nov. 17th 2009: Freedom of the Person
Dec. 12th 2009: Love and Responsibility
Jan. 19th 2010: Dying and Dead

After the lectures there will be the opportunity for a public discussion.
All lectures will take place in the lectures hall on the Campus Westend at the Goethe-University.

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