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3. Year [2008/2009]

Gender Symposium, May 12, 2006

Emotionale Intelligence, Gender and Elites

Modern cartography of the human brain describes areas, which fulfill functions for thinking and feeling. According to this topography, both a neurophysiology and a neurophilosophy of intelligence and emotionality can be developed. The gender perspective is of great importance for this development: To what extent are specific types of intelligence, e.g. emotional intelligence, restricted to female resp. male behaviour or performance? And the opposite way around: To what extend define cultural and biological attributions of sex and gender the topography of the human brain? Gendering the Neurosciences includes the possibility to ask for the ways, how dominion is and power relations are conformed in societies – if specific forms of intelligence are performances or achievements of selected “brains”, which are economically and socially privileged. Which political and social effects have certain neurophysiological descriptions? Behind the social acceptance of elites one can find “masterminds” – and how they are defined.

Aula, J. W. Goethe-University Frankfurt, Campus Bockenheim

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