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3. Year [2008/2009]

Templeton Research Lectures in Frankfurt

Tempelton Research Lectures in Frankfurt, May 2005

_From left to right: Prof. Hermann Deuser, philosopher of religion and theologian; Dr.
Nicole C. Karafyllis, biologist and philosopher; Dr. William Grassie, Director of the
Metanexus Institute; Jürgen Bereiter-Hahn, Vice President and biologist; Prof. Thomas M. Schmidt, theologian and philosopher; Dr. Michael G. Parker, theologian and Prof. Thomas Görnitz, physist.

The Templeton Research Lectures is an initiative of the Institute for Philosophy of Religion. They are a result of a progressive engagement with the science-and-religion dialogue whose recent history can be dated to the founding of a Frankfurt Local Societies Initiative Group and to the cooperation with LSI in Giessen and Stuttgart to create a nation-wide network of scholars and others interested in the dialogue between science-and-religion, culminating in a national conference in 2004.

The application for the Templeton Research Lectures was guided by the Templeton Research Committee, an interdisciplinary group of philosophers, scientists and theologians. The chairman of the TRL Committee is Professor Thomas M. Schmidt, director of the Institute for Philosophy of Religion and the Program Director is Dr. Michael G. Parker.

The Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss business and to oversee the development of the project. In addition, in cooperation with the Frankfurt LSI group and the Working Group on Natural Science and Theology, under the direction of Hans Kessler, the Committee meets regularly to discuss issues connected with the Templeton Lectures.

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