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3. Year [2008/2009]

“Ko-Schöpfer oder Produkt der Natur? – Der Mensch im Licht der Neurophilosophie, Biofaktizität und Evolutionsbiologie”

Templeton Foundation unterstützt interdisziplinären Dialog – Initiative des Instituts für Religionsphilo­sophische Forschung (IRF)

Recent advances in biology offer unprecedented challenges and unique opportunities for the science-and-religion dialogue. Today, neuroscience is providing ever greater insights into the material and physiological basis of human thought, emotion and action. But it also poses the greatest challenge yet to the way human beings have traditionally understood themselves, calling into question traditional philosophical notions of human freedom, dignity and responsibility as well as historic Christian and Jewish understandings of human persons as creatures who can freely relate to God, themselves and others. Moreover, technical advances in biology have blurred the distinction between the natural and artificial, challenging our understanding of life itself. At the same time, however, these sciences are providing new opportunities for understanding the evolutionary and cognitive basis of religion and hence for interpreting religion in a scientific age.

The Human Person: Mind Over Matter?: Neuroscience and Freedom of the Will

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The Human Person: Biofact or Artifact? Toward a New Concept of Life

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The Evolutionary Basis of Religious Belief: Is There a Science of Religion?

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