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1. Year [2006/2007]

The Human Person: Mind over Matter? Neuroscience and Freedom of the Will
Do advances in neuroscience require us to abandon or radically revise our fundamental philosophical and theological convictions about human freedom and responsibility? Do the results of neuroscience imply determinism or is this a misinterpretation of the empirical data? What does modern theology’s focus on emotions as the ground of religious experience contribute to the discussion?


December, 15-17th 2005, International Conference

Cogito ergo sum: The self between Neuroscience, Philiosophy and Religion

May, 09-26th 2006, Templeton Lectures of Philip Clayton

The Emergence of Mind

May, 10th 2006: Whitehead-Conference

Reality in Process: The Philosophpy of Alfred North Whitehaed in Dialogue with Physics, Biology, Neuroscience and Theology

May, 12th 2006, Gender Symposium

Emotionale Intelligence, Gender and Elite

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