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3. Year [2008/2009]

Committee of Templeton Research Lectures in Frankfurt


Prof. Dr. Matthias Lutz-Bachmann
Matthias Lutz-Bachmann is Professor of Philosophy at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt. He studied philosophy, political science, theology and history at the Philosophisch-Theologischen Hochschule St. Georgen, the J.W. Goethe University and the University of Münster. He received doctoral degrees in both theology and philosophy, and completed a habilitation in philosophy. He has been Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at the University of St. Louis, as well as Professor of Philosophy at the Freie University in Berlin; he has received academic appointments to both the University of Tübingen and Washington University in St. Louis. He is co-director of the German Research Foundation Project: Knowledge and Social Change. Lutz-Bachman is author of History and Subject: A Study of the History of Philosophy of Immanuel Kant and Karl Marx; The Relationship of Philosophy and Theology in the Opuscula Sacra of Boethius, and Sceptical Materialism and the Problem of Speech about God in Max Horkheimer’s Critical Philosophy of Religion as a Challenge for Theology. He is the editor of over 23 books, series editor of Religion in Modernity for Echter Verlag and editor of Herder’s Philosophical Library of the Middle Ages. He has written widely on topics ranging from medieval philosophy and the philosophy of science to historical and constructive issues in political philosophy.

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Dr. Alexander Fidora
Alexander Fidora studied philosophy and Romance languages at the Universities of Frankfurt and Barcelona. His dissertation, which examined the reception of Aristotelian thought, especially its theory of science, in twelfth-century Toledo, was received with highest honors. He is a researcher at the DFG Research Project “Wissenskultur und gesellschaftlicher Wandel” (The Culture of Knowledge and Social Change) and is a member of the Institute for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Frankfurt. He has been a guest lecturer at universities in Spain (Barcelona), Brazil (Vitória) and the United States (Saint Louis). His research interests are issues in medieval philosophy as well as contemporary interreligious dialogue. Apart from his many articles, his most recent books include a major work on Dominicus Grundissalinus and Metaphysics in the Twelfth-Century: On the Relationship Among Philosophy, Science and Theology (English, 2004); he is co-editor of Jews, Christians, and Muslims: Religious Dialogue in the Middle Ages (German, 2004)

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